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New processing techniques have allowed for the creation of SOLYX ® Decorative Privacy Window Films. These products are taking the market by storm. Interior decorators, contractors, residential & commercial window installers are embracing these designs with open arms.

SOLYX ® Films are available in multitudes of different patterns and shades and are easily removed and replaced to update the appearance at a later time. Now any flat glass surface can be turned into a work of art, be it an office, restaurant, den, bathroom or child's room. SOLYX ® Films diffuse light without appreciably cutting down the ambient light. As a result, any existing window can be converted to privacy glass in a multitude of attractive patterns.

SOLYX ® Films will give your front door glass or skylight glass panels a leadlight decorative look, create a sensational bathroom screen or design an attractive room divider with an embossed and engraved look at a very affordable price. SOLYX ® comes in an outstanding selection of styles to create a unique feature in your home or business.

Join the many industries that are already using SOLYX ® Decorative Privacy Film on their glass booths / room dividers / conference rooms / windows / doors / screens and mirrors, because it is durable, cost effective, looks great and also provides an increased safety factor and varying degrees of privacy.

Below are the images only of SOLYX films. Should you need more information regarding a particular film, please use the contact information at the bottom of this page.

SOLYX: SXHE-39 Clear Feathered. 36 SOLYX: SXHE-02 Clear Brushed. 36 SOLYX: SX-9000 Clear Waters. 48 SOLYX: SX-1004 Clear Ripple Glass. 48 SOLYX: SXG-9708 Clear Brushed Diamonds. 36 SOLYX: SX-1005 Clear Crystal Ice Chip. 48 SOLYX: SXBV-20012 - 1/2 SOLYX: SXHE-1034 Ice Forest. 36 SOLYX: SXHE-35 Honey Sea Shells. 36 SOLYX: SXRR-8000. Creation. 48 SOLYX: SXLT-1305 Clear Sheet of Ice. 36 SOLYX: SX-1200 Clear Ice. 48 SOLYX: SXRR-9003 Citrine Stained Glass. 48 SOLYX: SX-1504 Ice Galaxy. 24 SOLYX: SXL-1020 Clear Morning Freeze. 49.5 SOLYX: SX-1522 Iced Velvet. 48 SOLYX: SX-1523 Big City Lights. 48 SOLYX: SX-1500 Clear Aurora Stripes 46 SOLYX: SX-1500B Clear Aurora Border 3.75 SOLYX: SXLT-1108 Atlantis Mosaic. 36 SOLYX: SXL-1021 Clear Crushed Glass. 49.5 SOLYX: SX-1529 Clear Fine Seeded Glass. 46 SOLYX: SX-1204 White Ice 48 SOLYX: SX-1525 Clear Tapestry. 48 SOLYX: SXS-1000 Clear Lens. 3/4. 48 SOLYX: SXS-2000. Clear Lens. 1 3/16. 48 SOLYX: SXW-08 Frosted Jacks. 48 SOLYX: SX-0302 Frosted Clouds. 47 SOLYX: SX-1513 Cut Glass Mosaic. 35.5 SOLYX: SXLT-1307. Clear Cut Glass Flowers. 36 SOLYX: SX-1510 Cut Glass Facets. 35.5 SOLYX: SXHP-4020. White Gossamer / Frosted Squares. 36 SOLYX: SX-3006 White Frosted Mini Blind. 48 SOLYX: SX-1534 Cut Glass Floret. 35.5 SOLYX: SXLT-1302 Clear Icicles. 36 SOLYX: SX-4010 Transparent Rice Paper. 48 SOLYX: SXG-9018 Translucent Rice Paper. 48 SOLYX: SX3-9002 Fiberglass. 48 SOLYX: SXG-0018 White Rice Paper. 36 SOLYX: SXF-0600 Snow White Light Diffuser. 60 SOLYX: SXJ-0403 Matrix White Matte. 47 SOLYX: SX-ONEWAY Perforated Film. 60 SOLYX: SXEG-4848 Stained Glass Flowers. 48 SOLYX: SXEG-4851 Stained Glass Alaska. 48 SOLYX: SXEG-4852 Stained Glass Crystal Face. 48 SOLYX: SX-1514. Cut Glass Atlantis. 35.5 SOLYX: SX-1507 Cut Glass Bubbles. 35.5 SOLYX: SX-1533 Cut Glass Crescent. 35.5 SOLYX: SX-1508 Cut Glass Pebbles. 35.5 SOLYX: SX-1509 Cut Glass Prism. 35.5 SOLYX: SXC-125SR Gossamer. 46 SOLYX: SXHK-01 Shoji Screen. 36 SOLYX: SXJ-0403C Matrix White Clear. 47 SOLYX: SX-1530 Smoke Galaxy. 24 SOLYX: SX-3648 Victorian Frost SOLYX: SX-1600: Green Blurry View. 48 SOLYX: SXJ-0407 Matrix Harvest Gold Matte. 47 SOLYX: SX-3140 Dusted Crystal. 48 SOLYX: SX-1602 Yellow Blurry View. 48 SOLYX: STRIPES212. 35.5 SOLYX: SXGF-0197 Light Etch. 24 SOLYX: SX-1002. Clear Sand Blast. 12 SOLYX: SX-1516 Brimstone Sand Blast. 48 SOLYX: SX-1517 Blue Swirl Sand Blast. 48 SOLYX: SX-1518 Green Sand Blast. 48 SOLYX: SX-1519 Golden Yellow Sand Blast. 48 SOLYX: SX-1520 Orange Sand Blast. 48 SOLYX: SXF-0440. Hazy View. 54 SOLYX: SXO-091 Fine Gold Etch. 48 SOLYX: SXJ-0550. White Dusted Matte. 48 SOLYX: SXWF-WM White Matt. 12 SOLYX: SXWF-BM Bronze Matt. 60 SOLYX: SXWF-SM Silver Matt. 60 SOLYX: SX-1403 Frost Mint. 48 SOLYX: SX-1404 Frost Blue Mist. 48 SOLYX: SX-323 Rose Frosted Sparkle. 48 3M 7725-323 Frosted Rose Crystal. 48 SOLYX: SXJ-0405 Matrix Olive Matte. 47 SOLYX: SXJ-0406 Matrix Blue Matte. 47 SOLYX: SX-1301 Clear Frost. 12 SOLYX: SX-1521. Periwinkle Blue Sand Blast. 48 SOLYX: SX-1302. Milky White Frost. 48 SOLYX: SX-1303 Grey Frost. 48 SOLYX: SX-327 Blue Frosted Sparkle. 48 SOLYX: SX-326 Green Frosted Sparkle. 48 3M 7725-326 Frosted Mint Crystal. 48 SOLYX: SX-324 Frosted Sparkle. 48 SOLYX: SX-1541 Obscure Glue Chip. 48 SOLYX: SX3-314 Acid Etch. 24 SOLYX: SXJ-0500 White Matte Dot Gradation. 48 SOLYX: SX-1515 Milky Sand Blast. 48 SOLYX: SX-1305 Bronze Frost. 48 SOLYX: SX-331 Gold Frosted Sparkle. 48 3M 7725-331 Frosted Gold Crystal. 48 3M 7725-314 Dusted Crystal. 48 SOLYX: SXEG-1026 Stained Glass Fishes. 36 SOLYX: SXGF-0097 Deep Etch. 24 SOLYX: SXWF-CM Charcoal Matt. 60 SOLYX: SX-1401 Frost Mist. 48 SOLYX: SX-1402 Frost Rose. 48 3M 7725-327 Frosted Blue Mist Crystal. 48 3M 7725-324 Frosted Crystal. 48 SOLYX: SXEG-1027 Stained Glass Abstract. 36 SOLYX: SXEG-1033 Stained Glass Elite. 48 SOLYX: SXV-0101 Lustrin SOLYX: SX-CAT. Catalog Set SOLYX: SXHE-26 Clear Frosted Squares 1 SOLYX: SX-1003 Clear Frosted Squares 48 SOLYX: SXEG-1025 Stained Glass Doves. 36 SOLYX: SXEG-1029 Tuscany Stained Glass. 48 SOLYX: SXEG-1028 Venetian Stained Glass. 36 SOLYX: SXG-9118 Clear Frosted Squares 3/4. 36 SOLYX: SX-C366 Etched String Squares. 47 SOLYX: SXHP-2041  White Stripe. 36 SOLYX: SXC-3511 Frosted Stripe 3/8. 46 SOLYX: SXC-3510 Frosted Stripe 1 3/8. 46 SOLYX: SXHP-5005 White Matt Squares. 46 SOLYX: SXC-131SR Frosted Short Stripe Mini Blind  46 SOLYX: SXWF-BAHAMA. 55 SOLYX: SXEG-1030 Stained Glass Blues. 48 SOLYX: SXEG-1031.Tropicana.  48 SOLYX:  SXEG-1032 Pacifica. 48 SOLYX: SXV 0201 Mother-Of-Pearl SOLYX: SXV-0507 Granite SOLYX: SXRR-9004 Saphire Stained Glass. 48 SOLYX: SX-C361 Thin Wavy Lines. 35.5 SOLYX: SXV-0803 Copper Terrazzo SOLYX: SXV-0804 Emerald Terrazzo SOLYX: SX-C372 White Cubes. 47 SOLYX: SX-C371 Structure. 35.5 SOLYX: SX-C365 White Checker Dots. 35.5 SOLYX: SX-0103C White Crayon. 35.5 SOLYX: SX-9200 Clear Frosted Stripes 1/8 48 SOLYX: SX-2002 Silver Etched Stripes 3/8 48 SOLYX: SXC-130SR  White Stripe 1/8. 46 SOLYX: SXHP-2411 White Stripe  11/16. 36 SOLYX: SXHP-2021 White Squares 1/16 SOLYX: SXC-134SR White Squares  46 SOLYX: SXC-4410 Frosted Squares 1 11/16. 46 SOLYX: SX-1540 Cracked Ice. 48 SOLYX: SXWF-WO Whiteout. 60 SOLYX: V-Groove. 3/4 SOLYX: V-Groove. 1 SOLYX: SXHP-7002 Etched Lace. 35.5 SOLYX: SXHE-38 Clear Fan Tail . 36 SOLYX: SXG-9308LE Clear Feathered Rose. 36 SOLYX: SX-1010 Clear Etched Grapes. 36 SOLYX: SXS-M100 Galvanized Metal. 48 SOLYX: SXS-M200 Metal Tread Plate. 48 SOLYX: SXS-M5000 Silver Opaque Metal Mirror. 60 SOLYX: SXO-025. Brimstone Yellow. 48 SOLYX: SXO-053 Light Blue. 48 SOLYX: SXO-052 Azure Blue. 48 SOLYX: SXO-051 Gentian Blue. 48 SOLYX: SXO-057. Traffic Blue. 48 SOLYX: SXO-049 King Blue. 48 SOLYX: SXHP-7001 White Lace. 35.5 SOLYX: SX-3141. Dusted Leaf.  12 SOLYX: SX-8210 Frosted Bamboo. 12 SOLYX: SXW-019GF.Green Frosted Fern. 54 SOLYX: SXWF-BO Blackout. 60 SOLYX: SXWF-SSO Satin Silver Out. 60 SOLYX: SXS-M600 Metal Lens 3/4. 48 SOLYX: SXS-M400 Metal Lens 1 3/16. 48 SOLYX: SXS-M300 Brushed Metal. 54 SOLYX: SXO-021. Yellow. 48 SOLYX: SXO-034. Orange. 48 SOLYX: SXO-085. Pale Pink. 48 SOLYX: SXO-089. Salmon Pink. 48 SOLYX: SXO-047. Orange Red. 48 SOLYX: SXO-033. Red Orange. 48 SOLYX: SXO-031. Red. 48 SOLYX: SXO-032 Light Red. 48 SOLYX: SXO-030 Dark Red. 48 SOLYX: SXO-041. Pink. 48 SOLYX: SXO-077. Telemagenta. 48 SOLYX: SXO-040. Violet. 48 SOLYX: SXO-056 Ice Blue. 48 SOLYX: SXO-096. Steel Blue. 48 SOLYX: SXO-020. Golden Yellow. 48 SOLYX: SXO-054. Turquoise. 48 SOLYX: SXO-063 Lime Tree Green. 48 SOLYX: SXO-068 Grass Green. 48 SOLYX: SXO-061 Green. 48 SOLYXL: SXO-097 Blue Green. 48 SOLYX: SXO-060 Dark Green. 48 SOLYX: SXO-074. Middle Grey. 48 SOLYX: SXO-073 Dark Grey. 48 SOLYX: SXO-079. Reddish Brown. 48 SOLYX: SXGF-0500 Frosted Safety Film. 54 SOLYX: ULTRABLOCK-60. 60 SOLYX: ULTRABLOCK-35. 60 SOLYX: SXWF-GN50 Light Green Fade Shield. 60 SOLYX: ULTRABLOCK-15. 60 SOLYX:  SAFETY-460 Safety Film. 4 mil. 60 SOLYX: SAFETY-860. Safety Film. 8 mil. 60 SOLYX: SXEG-4850 Stained Glass Safari. 48 SOLYX: SXEG-4853 Stained Glass Kaleidascope. 48 SOLYX: SXEG-4855 Stained Glass Florentine. 48 SOLYX: SX-3142 Transparent Leaf. 48 SOLYX: SXL-1017 Clear Fine Brushed. 49 SOLYX: Dot200 Dot Gradient SOLYX: SXGR-Lines3648. Lines Gradient SOLYX: SXGR-MOSAIC3648 Mosaic Gradient SOLYX: SXGR-POINT3648.Point Gradient Window Film SOLYX: SX-1544 Rain Glass. 35.5 SOLYX: Arizona SOLYX: SX-C364 Deolite. 35.5 SOLYX: SX-C367 Fine Crossed Lines. 35.5 SOLYX: SX-CAMO Exterior Camouflage Window Film. 48 SOLYX: SX-C368 Etched Plano. 35.5 SOLYX: SX-C370 Dot Screen 18 . 35.5 SOLYX: STRIPES1214.  35.5 SOLYX: STRIPES112. 35.5 SOLYX: SXD-1616. Dots 1/16 SOLYX: SXS-M700 Metal Linen. 48 SXC-1418 Frosted Stripes. 46 SOLYX: SXGR-CRAQUE3648 Craque Gradient. SOLYX: SILVER-1560 Mirrored Silver. 60 SOLYX: Dimension 2 SOLYX: Phoenix SOLYX: SX-C363 Plaid etch. 35.5 SOLYX: SXS-3000 Clear Lens. 48 SOLYX: SXD-1818. Dots 1/8 SOLYX: SX-C362 Dot Screen 16. 35.5 SOLYX: SXEG-4854 Stained Glass Bird of Paradise. 48 SOLYX: SX-3143 Dusted Leaf Brown. 48 SOLYX: SX-C373 Acid Etch Stripes. 35.5 SOLYX: SX-1531 Fire Galaxy. 24 SOLYX: STRIPES1616.  35.5 SOLYX: SXEG-4849 Stained Glass Canada. 48 SOLYX: SX-1601 Blue Blurry View. 48 SOLYX: SX-1603 Orange/Red Blurry View. 48 SOLYX: SX-3144 Dusted Leaf Red. 48 SOLYX: SX-3145 Dusted Leaf Olive/Gold. 48 SOLYX: SXEG-4856 Stone Wall. 48 SOLYX: SX-1000 Fine Cast Sand Blast. 55 SOLYX: SXRR-9041 Yellow Diamond. 48 SOLYX: SXS-M800  Renwave 48 SOLYX: Flowers Sidelight Film SOLYX: Victorian Sidelight Film SOLYX: SX-14316 Frosted Rectangles. 48 SOLYX: SX-22564 Frosted Squares. 48 SOLYX: SX-932932 Frosted Squares. 48 SOLYX: SX-1164 Frosted Squares. 48 SOLYX: SXF-5050 Total Light Blockout. 60 SOLYX: SXWV-0200 Clear Luster. 60 SOLYX: SX-C374 Etch Leise Stripes. 35.5 SOLYX: SX-C375 Paracelli Mini Blind. 35.5 SOLYX: SX-C376 Etchnwhite Random Lines. 35.5 SOLYX: SX-C379 Crosshatch Etch. 35.5 SOLYX: SX-C378 Alternating Stripes. 35.5 SOLYX: Allure Sidelight Window Film. SOLYX: SX-0423 Rear Projection Film. 48 SOLYX: White Dry Erase. 54 SOLYX: SXR-9829 Glassfrost. 54 SimGlas: SGC-6506 Opalite. 48 SimGlas: SGC-6507 Mazalite. 48 SimGlas: SGC-6515 Fluted532. 48 SimGlas: SGC-6509 Antique Glass. 48 SimGlas: SGC-6508 Ovalized. 48 SimGlas: SGC-6510 First Impression. 48 SOLYX: SXWF-WM12 White Matte 12 SOLYX: SXWF-Amber. 60 SimGlas: SGC-6511 Fizzle Glass. 48 SimGlas: SGD-6007 Gridlock. 48 SimGlas: SGD-6003 Croshana. 48 SimGlas: SGC-6513 Coralite. 48 SOLYX: SX-C380 Organic Etch Stripes. 35.5 SOLYX: Edge Bevel Tape 1/2 SimGlas: SGV-6605 SimRain. 48 SimGlas: SGV-6606 Hammered. 48 SimGlas: SGV-6601 Master Ray. 48 SOLYX: Dusted Leaf. 12 SOLYX: SXWF-LBM Light Bronze Matte. 60 SOLYX: SXWF-GM Green Matte. 60 SOLYX: SXCO-1050 Etch Transparent Stripes 4mm. 60 SOLYX: SXCO-1060 Etch Transparent Stripes. 2 3/4 SOLYX: SXCO-1080 Etch Transparent Stripes.  60 SOLYX: SXCO-1070 Etch Transparent Squares. 60 SOLYX: Construction White. 60 SOLYX: SXR-8785 Safety Sand Blast. 60 SOLYX: SXEG-4858 Dusted Linen. 48 SOLYX: SX-RC300 Medical Spectral Film. 47 SOLYX: SX-C385 Etched Squares 1 3/16. 36 SOLYX: SX-1002 Sand Blast Film. 12 SOLYX: SX-316132 Frosted Stripes. 48 SimGlas: SGC-6500 Mottled. 48 SimGlas: SGC-6503 Charice. 48 SimGlas: SGC-6501 Iced Leaves. 48 SimGLas: SGC-6502 Iceland. 48 SimGlas: SGC-6504 Interlock. 48 SimGlas: SGC-6505 Amobite. 48 SimGlas: SGC-6512 Misty Rain. 48 SimGlas: SGC-6514 Kelpite. 48 SimGlas: SGC-6516 Chipzite. 48 SimGlas: SGD-6001 Manhatten. 48 SimGlas: SGC-6517 Boomarang. 48 Acroclear.  36 SOLYX: SX-1526 Four Seasons. 48 SOLYX: SX-1527 Clear Shattered Glass. 48 SimGlas: SGD-6004. Shimmer. 48 SimGlas: SGD-6006. Glazed Leaf. 48 SimGlas: SGD-6008. Glazed Circles. 48 SimGlas: SGC-6518. Cirque. 48 SimGlas: SGC-6519. Iron Glass. 48 SimGlas: SGC-6521. Ice Melt. 48 SimGlas: SGC-6520. Crystal Squares. 48 SOLYX: Edge Bevel Tape 3/4 SOLYX: SXRR-9011 Tangerine Stained Glass. 48 SOLYX: SXRR-9021 Emerald Stained Glass. 48 SOLYX: SXRR-9040 Blue Diamond. 48

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